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Babies 'n Business LLC is a lactation consulting practice specializing in support for breastfeeding women in the workplace. We have been pioneers in corporate lactation program development since 1995

Babies 'n Business, LLC is on the GSA Schedule. Our contract number is


Services & Resources

Babies ‘n Business, LLC will make your life easier by managing your lactation center and integrating its use into your existing wellness program. From new mother support to equipment, our consultants meet all your workplace needs efficiently and cost-effectively so that your business reaps the benefits of improved employee morale and healthcare services.

The Breaktime for Nursing Mothers portion of the Affordable Care Act (2010) and the PUMP Act (2023) compel businesses to provide both time and space for milk expression for nursing mothers.

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Clients have included AOL, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Food & Drug Administration, Life Technologies, Inc., MCH Services, Inc., and the National Institute of Health. 

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